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Do not worry, the Lord will provide.

Do not worry, the Lord will provide.

Sometimes when we say this, we really mean it. Other times we say the Lord will provide because we are not going to. This dilemma is to know when to say which.

  1. When someone asks for something and we really want to accommodate but don’t want to look too eager, go ahead a do it, knowing that the phrase the Lord will provide is your answer and you are the answer.
  2. When someone asks of you something you really don’t have, the phrase the Lord will provide may be the promise that someone needs to hear.
  3. When someone asks for something you can provide, thank the Lord for the blessing.

For you see, the Lord provides in so many different ways and some of those very ways involve you.


See you in church !

Pastor Celeste

A blessed Lent to you

Well, it is Lent again. It happens every year. What a lot of people see about Lent is the pre-Lent celebrations called Mardi Gras, French for “fat Tuesday.” Originally Mardi Gras was the time to consume the rich foods you had in the house, so that the time of Lent can be a time of fasting.

We participate in the season of Lent in prayer, and using the 40 day period as a time to reflect on our relationship with God. Many congregations add another service during the week for this reason. Our Savior’s does this also on Wednesday evenings.

There are many Bible stories that lend themselves to reflecting on your relationship with God.  One particular helpful story is the story of Jesus being tempted by the devil. Yes, Jesus was really tempted. We find this story in Matthew 4. The devil, also called the tempter, suggested situations that could lead Jesus away from his relationship with his Father, God Almighty. The temptations, if given in to, would put something other than God first.

And that is what temptations are, situations or longings that put something in your life above God. And temptations are strong, crafty, and appealing. Reading the stories in the Bible reveal how to overcome temptations on your faith journey, especially if you journey with Jesus.

Many see Lent as a somber season. And yes, it is. But Lent is also a hope filled season as we reflect on just how much God has done for you and me. We reflect on our faith and look forward to the Easter celebrations, reminding us that Jesus paved the way for us on this journey and the next.  


See you in church,

Pastor Celeste Waymire

God's Antique Roadshow

I've posted this before on another website. Thank you to public television for this example. 

Once in awhile, we will watch the Antiques Roadshow. Have you ever watched? My favorites are the ones filmed in England near some old castle. Anyway, people bring their old stuff to the Roadshow, hoping that their treasures are truly treasures in value – worth lots of money. The stories with the treasures are almost as much fun. My great grandfather bought this in Paris for his bride, my great grand mother. Or I was dumpster diving on a dare and found this dust painting. Often the antiques experts will tell the owners more of the story of their treasure, like who made it and when. The one thing everyone in those lines has, is a treasure, something they are interested in enough to bring to the experts for appraisal. Wondering if they have something of great value.

I wonder if we could consider coming to worship like coming to the Antiques Roadshow. We bring our treasures to the expert. Let’s look at this a minute. Let’s pretend our treasures are the skills and talents we’ve been given. We are bringing them to the throne of God to see how far they will get us in the God’s economy.

One person brings their intellect in medicine, they are very good at medical research.

Another brings their musical skills.

And that guy over there, brought his big heart, with hugs for his grandchildren.

Oh, the worship space is full of hopeful people. And as each brings their gift forward, all are given a value beyond their wildest dreams. They are given the blessing of God, the grace of God, and the love of God. Each and every one. Even the guy in the corner who couldn’t think of a single gift he could bring – he, too, received bountifully from God. There are no duds in these treasures, God loves each and every child. God treasures each and every gift. Whether the gifts or those bringing the gifts are newly arrived, or could be called antiques, all are welcome at God’s Roadshow.

See you in church

Pastor Celeste Waymire

Are You Ready!

December 5, 2016

We are getting ready for the birth of the infant Savior, Jesus Christ. The church has been decorated for Christmas. Boy, it looks so pretty!

While we think of these last few months of the year as time to prepare for Christmas, that first Christmas had preparations all year long. We spend time reading Bible stories about all the preparations made for this wonderful birth. Did you know the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary to announce to her she would be the mother of God’s son Jesus? That event had to have happened many months before.  Also, an angel came to an old priest Zechariah and told him he would have a son and to name him John? Again many months before. About 30 years later John became John the Baptist and told the people about Jesus, the son of God. Did you know an angel appeared to Joseph to confirm and convince him to continue his plans to wed Mary? That, too, probably happened many months before Jesus’ birth.

Choirs and musicians and worship planners have been preparing for Christmas a couple of months now. But we have nothing on all the preparations that happened that year Jesus was born!...

This Christmas, take a moment to enjoy the peaceful scenes of Christmas card quality. And to hum or downright sing out loud God’s praises with a carol or two. We’re ready!

A blessed Christmas be with you and yours today!

Pastor Celeste

Christ = Christian

Well, its Monday, the day after our Reformation and Stewardship Celebration Weekend.  We worshipped God. Oh boy, did we praise his glorious name! Choirs gave their all, people dressed in red (a Reformation tradition,) and we heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the whole reason why there even is a faith community called “Christian.” We are all called Christian because we believe and we follow Jesus Christ. Christ = Christian. Christ is a Greek word than means “anointed.” Jesus is anointed by God to be our savior.

The first time people who were called “Christians” is recorded in the Bible in the New Testament. (Acts 11:19-26) It was in Antioch, which is in today’s country of Turkey. At first the first century missionaries from Jerusalem only told Jews about Jesus. Then a couple of missionaries from Cyprus spoke about Jesus to non-Jews, spreading the Gospel even further. Paul and his assistant Barnabus came to Antioch and stayed about a year, teaching about Jesus Christ.

At first the name Christian was a nickname given by outsiders. It was like when someone calls a group of people who adhere to a political party. Then the political parties were “Herodians” and “Caesarians” among many others.

Today Christians are not a political party in the United States. In the purest sense of the word, Christians are followers of Jesus, the Son of God.

Interested in learning about this Jesus? Come and see!

Pastor Celeste Waymire

What happens in worship

 Getting Ready

When a person decides that perhaps they just might try the church down the street and wonder what does on inside, let’s take a look at just that. What goes on inside a church during a worship service?

Well, first of all your neighbors and others who have made this same decision have to get to the building before worship even begins. At OSL, you can park in the lot and come in the doors just off the lot. There will be steps and an elevator just inside the door beyond the coat rack. So the sanctuary, (what we call the large room where services happen) is upstairs. Before going through the double doors, someone will be standing upstairs with papers in their hand, offering one to you. I would suggest that you do take a bulletin. It will help you navigate what goes on in the hour.

When you come into the sanctuary (the large room where services happen) you will see very long benches with backs. Those are pews. You can sit anywhere in these pews. Don’t worry about taking somebody else’s place, we all share. If you are short, or have kids, you might want to sit closer to the front to watch what all happens in a service. When you come in, people are talking and the musician is playing music. It’s all very noisy. When the musician is finished, the ushers will ring the bells, signaling that the service is about to begin. The Pastor, or minister, will come to the front, say a prayer for worship and will begin the service.

Congratulations, you made it! You are now in the presence of God! Of course, you have always been in God’s presence, but in the sanctuary (large room where services happen) is one of those sacred places where we recognize being in the presence of God.  

So, come on in, we'd love to share with you!        Pastor Celeste Waymire