Well, it is Lent again. It happens every year. What a lot of people see about Lent is the pre-Lent celebrations called Mardi Gras, French for “fat Tuesday.” Originally Mardi Gras was the time to consume the rich foods you had in the house, so that the time of Lent can be a time of fasting.

We participate in the season of Lent in prayer, and using the 40 day period as a time to reflect on our relationship with God. Many congregations add another service during the week for this reason. Our Savior’s does this also on Wednesday evenings.

There are many Bible stories that lend themselves to reflecting on your relationship with God.  One particular helpful story is the story of Jesus being tempted by the devil. Yes, Jesus was really tempted. We find this story in Matthew 4. The devil, also called the tempter, suggested situations that could lead Jesus away from his relationship with his Father, God Almighty. The temptations, if given in to, would put something other than God first.

And that is what temptations are, situations or longings that put something in your life above God. And temptations are strong, crafty, and appealing. Reading the stories in the Bible reveal how to overcome temptations on your faith journey, especially if you journey with Jesus.

Many see Lent as a somber season. And yes, it is. But Lent is also a hope filled season as we reflect on just how much God has done for you and me. We reflect on our faith and look forward to the Easter celebrations, reminding us that Jesus paved the way for us on this journey and the next.  


See you in church,

Pastor Celeste Waymire