Well, its Monday, the day after our Reformation and Stewardship Celebration Weekend.  We worshipped God. Oh boy, did we praise his glorious name! Choirs gave their all, people dressed in red (a Reformation tradition,) and we heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the whole reason why there even is a faith community called “Christian.” We are all called Christian because we believe and we follow Jesus Christ. Christ = Christian. Christ is a Greek word than means “anointed.” Jesus is anointed by God to be our savior.

The first time people who were called “Christians” is recorded in the Bible in the New Testament. (Acts 11:19-26) It was in Antioch, which is in today’s country of Turkey. At first the first century missionaries from Jerusalem only told Jews about Jesus. Then a couple of missionaries from Cyprus spoke about Jesus to non-Jews, spreading the Gospel even further. Paul and his assistant Barnabus came to Antioch and stayed about a year, teaching about Jesus Christ.

At first the name Christian was a nickname given by outsiders. It was like when someone calls a group of people who adhere to a political party. Then the political parties were “Herodians” and “Caesarians” among many others.

Today Christians are not a political party in the United States. In the purest sense of the word, Christians are followers of Jesus, the Son of God.

Interested in learning about this Jesus? Come and see!

Pastor Celeste Waymire