Confirmation Year 2021-2022 

Confirmation Families, 

There have been inquiries about 5th graders joining the class this year. If this is a question for you, talk with Pastor Celeste.

The confirmation program at OSL will be 2 years instead of 3.  

Classes will be on Wednesdays from 5 PM to 6:30 PM. During Lent and Advent, the congregation may be offering supper at 6 and the students will certainly be welcome to the supper.  

Classes will meet on the stage in the fellowship hall. 

We will study stories in the Bible and will study confirmation topics over 2 years.  

There will be some memory work of the mainstays of Christianity.  

Some class days will be Service Project Days 

All students will be assigned to be Acolytes. They will be encouraged to consider other Worship Leader tasks.  

The snow day policy hasn’t changed. We may have to reword the policy to indicate that if in person classes are cancelled due to weather, OSL will close also.  

While there will not be ZOOM classes, we will use the internet in our instructions.  

I hope we can get back to summer camp in 2022.  

Other Education opportunities include Vacation Bible School and Sunday School.  




2021-2022 Confirmation Class Schedule  5:00 to 6:30 PM

Sept 15                      Get to know class. Get to know your classmates, teacher,  Bible, workbook, etc. 

Sept 22                       Class. Bible Study, Holy Baptism              

Sept 29                       Class, Bible Study, Holy Baptism

Oct 6                           Class, Bible Study, Holy Baptism

Oct 13                         Service Project

Oct 20                         Class, Bible Study, Worship

 Oct 27                        Reformation Class

Nov 3                          Class, Bible Study, Worship

Nov 10                        Class, Bible Study, Worship

Nov 17                         Class, Bible Study, Confession

Nov 24                       NO CLASS

Dec 1                          Class, Bible Study, Confession

Dec 8                          Service Project

Dec 15                        Class Christmas Part

Dec 22 and 29             NO CLASS

Jan 5                            NO CLASS

Jan 12                          NO CLASS

Jan 19                          Class, Bible Study, Current Church

Jan 26                          Class, Bible Study, The Apostles' Creed

Feb 2                            Class, Bible Study, The Apostles' Creed

Feb 9                             Class, Bible Study, The Apostles' Creed

Feb 16                          Class, Bible Study, The Apostles' Creed

Feb 23                          Service Project

Mar 2                            NO CLASS

Mar 9                            Lent Projects

Mar 16                          Lent Projects

Mar 23                          Lent Projects

Mar 30                          Lent Projects

Apr 6                             Class, Bible Study

Apr 13                           NO CLASS

Apr 20                          Class, Bible Study

Apr 27                          Class, Bible Study



 Acolyte List August 2021 to May 2022


August 1     Mayhew Family

8                 Hesse Family

15               Carlon Family

22               Schaa Family

29               Carol, Jim 


Sept 5         Mayhew Family

12               Hesse Family

19               Carol, Jim

26               Brehmer Family


Oct 3           Weesner Family


17               Schaa Family

24               Mayhew Family

31               Brehmer Family


Nov 7          Richwine Family


21               Carlon FAmily



Dec 5          Weesner Family


19               Sunday School

24               Volunteers

26               Carlon Family

Jan 2           Weesner Family



23               Brehmer Family

31               Hesse Family


Feb 6           Schaa Family


20               Mayhew Family

27               Hesse Family


Mar 6          Brehmenr Family



27               Weesner Family


Apr 3          Carlon Family

10               All Confirmation Students

17               All Confirmation Students

24               Carol, Jim


May 1          Schaa Family

8                 Mayhew Family

15               Hesse Family

22               Brehmer Family