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John 13:34  A new commandment I give you: Love one another. As I hae loved you, so you must love one another.

We can love one another by sharing out time with someone, remembering good times, sharing church happenings, praying with them and providing them with the Lord;s body and blood in communion.

A story was told of a small boy who lived next to and elderly man who had just lost his wife. The man was sitting on his porch and the boy went and sat by the man. The boy's father saw this and when the boy came home, the father asked what they had talked about. The boy said, "We didn't talk - I just cried with him."

The Care Team is a caring ministry! To share a laugh, a hug or even shedding a tear with those who can't make it to worship is very important.

C ompassion & Caring

    Home Visits, Telephone Visits

    Nursing Home Visits, Hospitals Visits

A ssiting & Advising As Needed

    Answering Questions

    Finding Answers To Questions

    Offering Food Pantry Assistance/Delivery

R estoring Relationship With God

     Providing The Lord’s Supper

     Praying Together Sharing Scripture

E quipping For Ministry

     Bible Study




For first-time shut-in Visitations

  • If they have a telephone, you can call and make arrangements to stop by. If they are in care facility, you can stop by whenever it is convenient. Frequency can depend on if there is family close by who also make visits and/or the needs of the shut-in.
  • Find out how often they would like visits.
  • Introduce yourself as part of the Care Team of OSL. You should take copies of the week’s bulletin and What’s Happening with you so that you can share with them some of the highlights.
  • Ask them questions about their lives, something that requires more than a yes or no. Sample: How long have been members of OSL? What family do they have? Let them do most of the talking – what did they do when they were working, etc. Unless they are comfortable with talking about their health, it is wise not to ask too many questions about it.
  • If you are not able to call ahead and find they are not available when you arrive, write your name on the bulletin with a “Sorry, I missed you and will try to visit again” If possible, you might suggest when you may be return and give them your telephone number.
  • Before you leave, please pray with them, either using the prayers in the bulletin or personalize prayers as well as praying the Lord’s Prayer. If they would like communion and you have not been trained, please contact Carol Jeppesen or  Pastor Celeste.
  • If there is any follow-up needed, i.e. a question they have and you don’t know the answer, please contact  Pastor Celeste or someone who would know the answer. Then assure them, you will let them know the next time you visit or if they have a telephone, you can call them.


IMPORTANT – be yourself, show that you care! You are part of a very important ministry!

If you have any questions or if you are not comfortable with one of the people you visit, please let Carol Jeppesen know so we can decide the next step, i.e. contact Pastor Celeste or ask another memeber of the team to visit them.

Please let me know if you have questions or need something to help you.

Carol J. Jeppesen, Facilitator




Current Members of the Care Team

Marcia Blain

Roger Carlon

Darlene Schwartzkopf

Care Team Facilitator:  Carol Jeppesen






Welcoming All to Share God's Grace and Love